23 June - 08 July 2016 25 August - 09 September 2016


Day 1
Arrive to Bucharest Otopeni airport.Transfer to Ambasador Hotel ***
installation; welcome meeting; bike fitting - and orientation of our program for the week. Accommodation and dinner.
Day 2

Cycle to Poiana Brasov. Accommodation and dinner in Alpin Hotel ****
Bucharest - Pitesti -Campulung - Rucar - Bran - Rasnov - Poiana Brasov (a total of 250 km; cycle 72 km)
Point of interest
After breakfast, vehicle transfer to Rucar. Cycle to Poiana Brasov via Castle Dracula at Bran-Rasnov-Poiana Brasov.
Bran Village - the national center of rural tourism, high priced for its natural beauty. It offers opportunities of getting closer to old customs of Romanian countryside.
Bran Castle with its medieval atmosphere, came to be connected with the legend of Dracula (with its origins in the Transylvanian Middle Ages). Dracula: legend or true story?
Rasnov Fortress, built on a calcareous rock, is located 15 km far from Brasov on the Brasov-Bran road. It is an old peasant refuge fortress unique for its style and position. Poiana Brasov is well known as permanent health and ski resort (average altitude 1030m), only 14 km from Brasov. A place for rest and relaxation, business or treatment, holiday or weekend for all categories of visitors and tourists in all seasons.
Day 3
Cycle to Balvanyos Accommodation and dinner in Best Western Hotel ***.
Poiana Brasov - Brasov city. 2 hours at leisure - Prejmer - Intorsura Buzaului - Zagon - Covasna - Targu Secuiesc - Turia - Baile Balvanyos (a total of 110 km; cycle 74 km)
Point of interest
Brasov is a Transylvanian town lying at the foot of Carpathian (average altitude 600m) in a pleasant natural setting. It is an ancient center of crafts and trade, first mentioned in historic documents in 1235 under the name of Corona. Prejmer is the biggest fortified church in the Southeastern Europe built in the 14th century. The fortress with double walls and dungeons makes me think to the ancient tales. Inside its walls there is a church, but the interesting thing here is the honeycomb like inner wall. Every family had one small room for sheltering in case the village was attacked. Covasna became famous because of the so called Devils Swamp, with violent emanations of alkaline carbon-gaseous waters and grey mud. It was first mentioned in documents around the 16th century. The Fairs Citadel stands testimony of its ancient existence. Nowadays, it is one of the most appreciated spas in Romania, people being able to find here cures for cardiovascular diseases, dermatological diseases,locomotion ailments (joint problems), and aliments associated to the aging process. The spa is located at 564 m altitudes, in the meeting place of the eastern side of Vrancea Mountains with the Depression of Barsa, 31 km far from Sfantu Gheorghe and 60 km far from Brasov In the area of the Baile Balvanyos, long time ago, people have discovered the curative qualities of the mineral waters in Balvanyos. They were used therapeutically against various affections; starting with 1938 it begun the explotation of the mineral waters, in the same year with the building of a hotel. Currently, the hotel is completely renovated and belongs to the Best Western Hotelier Chain.The spa is located at 775-800 m altitudes, on the southern side of Bodoc Mountains,67 km far from Sfantu Gheorghe.
Day 4
Cycle to Lacul Rosu. Accomodation and dinner in Euroturism Hotel ***
Baile Balvanyos - Baile Tusnad - Miercurea Ciuc - Gheorgheni - Lacul Rosu (a total of 124 km; cycle 124 km)
Point of interest
Lacu Rosu (The Red Lake) is a natural storage lake at 980 m altitude, near Bicaz Gorges, at approximately 27 km from Gheorgheni city (Harghita County), on the national road 12/C. The lake has 10 m deep, an area of 12.7 ha. The lake was formed in the summer of 1837, when a earth and rock slide blocked the river Bicajel; in time the waters have accumulated and formed a natural storage lake. Its name Lacu Rosu (Red Lake)comes from the reddish color of the water due to in the sunset.
Day 5
Cycle to Oglinzi via Bicaz Gorges. Accommodation and dinner in Oglinzi Hotel **
Lacu Rosu - Bicaz - Izvorul Muresului Lake - Potoci - Hangu - Poiana Largului. Transfer by coach to Oglinzi. (a total of 120 km; cycle 120 km)
Point of interest
Bicaz Gorges are situated in the Eastern Carpathians, on the river Bicaz, connecting two important regions from Romania: Transilvania and Moldavia. With its 8 km lenght, its winding road, and wild beauty atracted many tourist every year. Recently are finished a modern tunnel. Bicaz resort situated in a picturesque position, at the foot of the Ceahlau massif (at an altitude of 430 m). It can be also called "the Bicaz harbor", due to its situation on the shore of the Izvorul Muntelui Lake ("the Bicaz Sea"), and it is the starting point for the leisure cruises on the lake (little ships, motorboats, boats). The beauty of the lake and of the mountain combined with the alpine climate creates a place of major touristic attraction. Izvorul Muresului Lake, 35 km away from Piatra Neamt, dam formed on the Bistrita, behind a dam more than 120m in height, a real artificial mountain. Approximately 35 km long, it is an attractive leisure area.
Day 6
Cycle to Gura Humorului/Voronet. Accommodation and dinner Casa Elena 3***
Oglinzi - Brusturi - Rasca Monastery - Spataresti - Radaseni - Gura Humorului/Voronet (a total of 103 km; cycle 103 km)
Point of interest
Rasca Monastery - built in 1542 by Petru Rares, here was a very important cultural center. It preserves beautiful mural paintings. A beautiful route, with spectacular views.
Day 7
Voronet. Accommodation and dinner Best Western Bucovina Hotel***
By coach transfer to the World Heritage Painted Monasteries (a total of 130 km; cycle 0 km)
Point of interest
Bukovina is a Romanian region situated in the northern part of Moldavia. The name of Bukovina dates back to its annexation by the Hapsburgs in 1774 and it means a land covered by beech forests. This part of Romania is especially beautiful, with a clean unspoiled nature, and a unique landscape: thick forests and imposing crests ("obcine"), branching off from the Carpathians, which allow a wonderful panorama of valleys, with houses scattered here and there, with large gardens and farm yards inviting one to lie down by the haystacks and look up at the blue sky with its marvelous hues. This is the land where the painted monasteries, which now hold a place of pride among world cultural sites, were built. They all lie in the region close to the town of Suceava, in the northern part of the country.
Day 8
Cycle to Borsa. Accommodation and dinner Borsa Complex Cerbul Hotel ** (a total of 140 km; cycle 140 km)
Gura Humorului - Vama - Campulung Moldovenesc - Pojorata - Mestecanis Pass (1096m) - Iacobeni - Prislop Pass - Borsa
Point of interest
The ethnographical and folkloric fund of Suceava County emphasizes the inclination to talent and sensibility for beautiful things of this region inhabitant. There are numerous ethnographical elements in Dornele Land, where the inhabitants are still preserving the old occupations and customs, as well as authentic clothing, which are artistically made, the artistic inclination is obvious in choosing the models and colors to be used. From Prislop Defile (1416m) you can admire the highest peaks of Rodna Mountains. Prislop Pass actually makes the connection between Moldavia and Maramures. The traditional architecture in Maramures, especially the famous gates, the popular clothes and the ornamental hand made weavings are to be found all over the area. The sun sign symbolizing life is to be found on every gate and on many others objects manufactured in the area. The wooden churches, the original customs attracted many tourists on the premises or at international festivals and shows (for example the Smithsonian Festival in the USA).Borsa is a town in the northern extremity of Romania country-region Maramures County. Close by, mineral springs can be found. In the eastern part of the town, 12 km from its centre, there is an all-season touristic resort of general importance with modern hotels, at the foot of Rodna Mountain. An important touristic objective is the wooden church dating back from the year 1700, with mural paintings from the 18thcentury.
Day 9
Cycle to Bistrita. Dinner and accommodation in Coroana de Aur Hotel
Borsa - Moisei - Sacel - Setref - Cosbuc - Salva - Nasaud - Liviu Rebreanu - Dumitra - Bistrita (a total of 89 km; cycle 89 km)
Day 10
Cycle to Sovata via Reghin. Dinner and accommodation in Faget Hotel ***
Bistrita - Reghin - Eremitu - Sovata (a total of 96 km; cycle 96 km)
Point of interest
Sovata have the comfortable hotel of the spa which offer modern treatment facilities combined with the efficient cure factors of the heliothermal Ursu Lake.
Day 11
Cycle to Sighisoara via Cristuru Secuiesc. Dinner and accommodation in Sighisoara Hotel ***
Sovata - Praid - Corund - Cristuru Secuiesc - Sighisoara (a total of 75 km; cycle 75 km)
Point of interest
The name of Corund is inseparable from the folk ceramics and pot industry. Being one of the Transylvanian centers of folk pottery, Corund means the survival of the folk art by continuing our traditions and it also means the welfare of the locals at the same time. The viable community deals with many things: traditional pottery, wood processing, tinder making and trade.
Praid is one of the most important localities from the "Salt Zone". The commune lies in the eastern part of the Transylvanian basin, at the southern feet of the Gheorgheni Mountains, in the upper valley of the Tarnava Mica River. The salt mine from Praid is one of the most important salt mines of the Transylvanian Plateau.
Sovata (15 km away from Tg Mures) it is situated at the foot of the Gurghiu Mountains, at an altitude of 500m, it is mentioned as healing place since 1597.
Sighisoara is considered to be the most inhabited fortress in Europe and the most beautiful and complete site of medieval architecture in Romania. It was built at the beginning of the 13th century. Today visitors can admire: The Clock Tower, The Tanners' Tower (one of the oldest), The Goldsmiths Tower etc. Included in the UNESCO world heritage, Sighisoara is today a lively European medieval town whose old edifices are still functional and well preserved.
Day 12
Cycle to Sibiu via Agnita. Dinner and accommodation in Continental Hotel ***
Sighisoara - Apold - Agnita - Nocrich - Sibiu (a total of 91 km; cycle 91 km)
Point of interest
The road across the beautiful saxon region where you can still feel the medieval life. You can stop to admire the fortified saxon churches (Bradeni, Agnita, Apold, Biertan)
Day 13
Dinner and accommodation in Continental Hotel ***
Point of interest
All day at leisure in Sibiu city where we can visit the "Bruckental"museum, make an around by foot with a guide, Village museum etc..
Day 14
Cycle to Bucharest.Dinner and accommodation in Central Hotel ***
Sibiu - Balea - Curtea de Arges - Bucharest (a total of 300 km; cycle 90 km)
Point of interest
Transfer by coach to start of Transfagarasan Pass. Cycle to top of pass - optional.
Descend Transfagarasan Pass 60 km. Vehicle transfer to Curtea de Arges. Visit of Curtea de Arges Monastery before coach transfer to Bucharest.
Monastery of Curtea de Arges was founded by prince Neagoe Basarab between 1514-1517, on the site of a metropolitan church, which had been raised in the 14th century and acknowledged by the Archbishopric of Constantinople in 1359.
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Day 15
Bucharest. Dinner and accommodation in Central Hotel ***
Point of interest
Guided tour of Bucharest including a visit to the Palace of Parliament (People's House), the grandest administrative construction in Europe. It has hundreds of offices, halls for reception or for scientific, cultural, social-political reunions, dozens of conference rooms. It covers over 265.000 square meters interior surface, being the second biggest in the world after the Pentagon building in Washington. It is the third in the world in what concerns its volume, after the Cape Canaveral building in USA (where the cosmic rockets are assembled) and after the Quetzalcoatl pyramid in Mexico.
Day 16
Morning at leisure in Bucharest.
Transfer to Bucharest Otopeni airport.

Back-up Vehicles
There will be luggage transfers between hotels and an accompanying vehicle throughout the route.

Your must provide your own cycle - touring or ATB with 32 - 37mm road tires. An accurately calibrated cycle computer is recommended.

Accommodation and meals
15 nights accommodation will be in shared rooms (2 sharing) in hotels of 2,3,4 star rating.
Breakfast and evening dinner on all days.

Passports, Visas and Health
You must hold a passport with at least six months validity remaining at the end of the tour. No VISA is required for EU residents.
There are no compulsory health-related requirements for foreign visitors although it is strongly recommended that you are vaccinated against Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio and Hepatitis A. You should contact your doctor at least 3 months prior to travel to obtain these vaccinations and the latest advice to travelers.

Travel Insurance
It is a condition of booking that you are adequately insured for this tour. Should you already hold a policy or wish to take an alternative policy this must offer comparable levels of cover to the recommended policy, and you must complete the enclosed Insurance Declaration Form and return it with your Booking Form. Ro Team Tour srl can accept no responsibility for any costs you may incur due to insufficient insurance cover.


  • 20 - 30 persons 690 EUR/pers
  • 16 - 19 persons 720 EUR/pers
  • 12 - 15 persons 760 EUR/pers
  • 8 - 11 persons 790 EUR/pers
  • 4 - 7 persons 930 EUR/pers
  • 1 - 3 persons 960 EUR/pers
Supplementary for single room 200 EUR

  • 15 nights hotel accommodation (2 sharing) with breakfast and evening meals(hotels of 2,3,4 stars)
  • Backup coach/minibus or car for luggage transfers, plus planned and occasional unplanned individual assistance.
  • One Romanian guide.
  • Local guides in Sibiu/ Sighisoara /Bucharest
  • Meals in transit
  • Lunches or refreshments
  • Drinks other than those included with meals
  • Entry fees at attractions visited (budget 20 €)
  • Travel insurance (compulsory)